It's a pleasure to meet you...

Ello there you! It's flipping fantastic to be introducing myself to you! 

My name is Jessie and I'm from Plymouth in sunny Devon! I don't mind whether you call me an illustrator or an artist, I sit comfortably between the two. 

I illustrate all things 'wedding' for amazing couples; from stationery right up to bridal jackets; from on the day signage and decor to portraits from the day. If you can imagine it, I can create it!

'Why weddings?' I hear you ask... Well, I have always loved the magic in the world - all things good and happy (they are ALWAYS there if you look) and anything that brings colour to someone's life. My creative practice has always focused on people, and on all things positive and worth celebrating. I love to get to the core of a soul, and represent THEM in my work. To me, weddings - the joining of two families and the love between two people - are the epitome of colour, magic and happiness. They are joy! They allow me, as a creative to focus on beautiful storytelling for kick-ass couples and I just flipping love it (can you tell)!!

My background in art involves a Fine Art Degree at Plymouth University, followed by creating several different pieces and bodies of work for galleries, community projects and various companies. All this alongside an office day job (yes, I'm a hustler!) which has been invaluable in learning customer service, project management and a million and one other skills that allow me to run a healthily balanced tiny empire.

A few facts about me so you can get to know me better:

- I love LOVE strictly come dancing and anything theatrical. 

- I ran in the hottest ever Long Marathon in 2018, raising loads for charity and then getting engaged at the finish line to my childhood sweetheart! Best. Day. EVER!

- I'm a very proud South Westerner and love where I live. Being by the sea is proper lush. 

- I am inherently messy

- Meeting new people and getting to know them is a passion. I enjoy it so much.

So, please get in touch so we can get to know each other a bit better. Join this cool little gang celebrating all things magical, colourful and happy by signing up to the mailing list!

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ALL love is magical and you will find no prejudice here - only an open, loving mind who accepts and works with love in all it's forms. Love is love and I whole heartedly cheerlead your story, no matter your background.